hockey turned BANG!

so Jae and i invested in 'Salt Lake City Pass of All Passes' passes! in case you don't know, they include entrance to some Blaze, Grizzlies, and REAL games, as well as events at Rocky Mtn. Raceway, and a season pass to Seven Peaks (aka the old Raging Waters).

our friends the Ovesons and the Greens also invested in this pass, so we all decided to go to the last game of the Grizzlies games we are allowed to go to for free. well, long story, short, we didn't get in line til it was too late and all they had left by the time we got to the ticket window were single seats. none together. so we decided to bail. we went to Traning Table to grap some dinner, and then to the Greens to hang out.

we decided to play BANG!. it's a card game. none of us, (except ash and ry obviously), had played that game. so it was a learning experience. and we struggled. to say the least. but it was a way good time!! that game is pretty hilarious actually. if you know the game then you know what i'm talking about. super fun night with super fun friends. here are some randoms from the night:


ash & baby boy

vince & ryan. ryan, what are you staring at??



  1. lol... good times, for sure. and bang -- man, that was a hilarious game. we are all such pervs too, so thats a guaranteed good time. love you guys!!