what the dream???

a few nights ago i had a crazy-weird dream that i remembered most of by the time i woke up (i don't know about you, but that doesn't happen very often). i've told a couple people about it, so if you've heard it, then you get to hear it again:

i was pregnant. (of course - that seems to be a continuing theme lately and i really don't know why). instead of me having to take prenatal vitamins, Jae was supposed to take them. {so we're starting out weird already} anyway, we were going for an ultrasound, and i had a bad feeling about it for some reason. sure enough, the doc came in to tell us that our baby would be born with a cleft pallet (not sure how to spell that?) are cleft lips even visible on an ultrasound?? i don't even know. but it was in my dream. 

{so to continue the weirdness...} apparently Jae had forgotten or been lazy about taking his prenatal vitamins early on in my pregnancy and they guessed that's why she (yes, i remember it was going to be a girl) would have a cleft lip.

so pretty much the dream ended there. or at least my memory of it ended there. writing all of this out makes it sound even more ridiculous ha! what do these things mean??? maybe it's a lesson on how important prenatal vitamins are? maybe it means absolutely nothing, and it's all just by random chance that we dream some of the most random things. either way, there's my random dream for the week.


  1. It's a sign Mara...that you should stop taking whatever you're taking before bed :)

    Hope you don't mind that I featured your blog on my blog today!

  2. You think Jae is going to be a bad dad and make your kids weird! Teasing, Jae.