food...sharks...fainting...just a normal tuesday night

a couple weeks ago i won some tickets to a movie premier for Soul Surfer (the one about the real-life surfer girl that got her arm bit off by a shark). Our fun friends Ashley and Ryan came with us.

Ryan felt the need to hide in every picture i took.
Ash was having some troubles with her food and drink. luckily, baby bump was there to catch it :)

Jae was NOT cooperating with my picture-taking efforts. big surprise.

during the movie, at pretty much the most intense part, where the shark attacks, someone yells 'call 911, call 911!' we were like huh?? someone in the audience, for reasons still not completely known, had passed out. maybe it was the blood in the movie, maybe she just wanted some attention?? who knows. actually, i'm pretty sure it wasn't to get attention, because when she came-to a few seconds later, she looked more mortified and embarrassed than anything. so they stopped the movie for a good 15 minutes while getting that woman escorted out. but then we had to wait longer while another woman a few rows back from the first, almost passed out. what the heck people?? get it together. we're trying to watch a movie here! finally they got the second woman escorted out by EMS, and they rewound the movie a bit and started it again. it was a good time!! thanks for coming, Green's!

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