swim fun

a little over a week ago, Jae and i took my sister and her family to the rec center for some swimming. (yes, it was awhile ago, i'm a bit behind on my blogging..) the kids were on spring break so they were able to extend bedtime later, so we thought it'd be a perfect time to get some playing time in.

River, Tyler, & Kellie

Quinnie!! jeez, could she BE any skinnier??

Milo's favorite was going down the slide and immediately becoming a shark under water, ready to attack us

River's favorite was standing up at the top, controlling the water and uncle Jae was a good sport and stood there for River to spray him. seriously. River spent almost the entire time up there.

we put these goggles on River's eyes, and he pushed them up onto his head like this all by himself, and then left them there the rest of the night. it was so cute haha!

i didn't get a picture of it, but this night happened to be the day it was blizzarding outside. it was pretty, but made us not ever want to leave the pool. here's to many more swimming trips when it's WARM outside.

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  1. I am dying to take Davis swimming at the rec center. The new pool looks so fun!