no show

i find it's usually easier to blog when we've had something happen that's more exciting than just the norm. something that's been picture-taking worthy. something to show about, not just tell about.

well, we have had a few things out of the norm lately. like all last week, we house/dog sat for my friend Cara and her hubby Adam while they sun-bathed in Mexico. but i didn't take any pictures of the cute pups.

then this last saturday, we had a bridal shower at my house for my good friend Torrie. i think my mom has some pics on her camera, but i didn't take any.

sunday was my super cute nephew Ben's blessing. nothing to show for it.

yesterday was my other super cute nephew Milo's 9th birthday celebration. bowling and presents and cake and ice cream. (i refrained from having ANY cake or ice cream, thank you very much). yet again, my camera sat in my purse the whole night and wasn't brought out once.

so now all you get are these lame, half explanations of our lives the past week. i should probably be better about documenting things, not just saying that they happened. sorry folks. keep coming back please!! i'll do better next time.


  1. Was your favorite book by Spinelli Wringer? Anyway, if you loved that book, I can guarantee you'd absolutely adore Stargirl--it won't take you long to read at all, but it's an awesome book. I highly recommend it!

  2. yes it was wringer!! i don't even know how many times i read that stinkin book! perhaps i should take a trip to the library....thanks torrie!

  3. i always feel like those moments pass me by before i can take any pictures either!!