so turns out i struggle with my blog. big surprise, i know. i just don't love it all the time. especially the top, title part. how do all you awesome bloggers out there make it so dang cute? i don't understand!! i need a blogging tutorial ASAP. any takers??


  1. go to this website...
    totally helped me a ton!

  2. I totally remember you Mara! Thanks for loving my blog..and for entering the giveaway! Fingers crossed you win!
    I agree with the first comment sneaky momma helps...or littlemissmomma.blogspot.com has a bunch of pointers and tips. It takes a while. I actually had a guy in my ward help me cause I am not computer savy...good luck!

  3. Mara, your blog always looks cute. It is so tedious and a hassle trying to change it! I just used a really simple template under Design and then blogger templates. Then I could change the colors and font. However mine is really plain and nothing special. Hope that helps!

  4. give me your password, tell me what you want it to look like and i'll do it for you...its easier that way, ha!

  5. I use normal templates and tweek the colors and use picnik.com to design a header and upload my header as a picture. Not that my blog is anything spectacular or cute really.