we went on a little triple date last weekend. bowling was on the agenda. but not just any ordinary bowling, my friends. ohh no. it was UNO bowling!! first time Jae and I have ever experienced this. and it was a bit rough to say the least.

basically, each different color tells you the different ways you have to bowl. the rules were like this: one color was spinning 3 times in a circle, one color was backwards between your legs, one color was with your EYES CLOSED - scary!, and the other color was bowl laying down. yes, laying down on that floor. can we say gross?? ick.

if you drew a card with a number on it, you could take that many steps toward the lane before you bowled (which means if you drew a 0, then you have to bowl back by the beginning of the wood part of the floor - there's a pic below), the reverse card meant you had to bowl with your opposite hand than normal, and other crazy random things like that. ohhhh it was interesting! here are a few attempts at catching the action:

jae got the 'bowl while laying down' color. he was a much better sport than i.

post-spinning bowl

of course, i drew the color that meant bowl backwards PLUS the number on it was a 0. no steps towards the lane. luckily the ball stayed in our lane!

this was the best i could do as far as laying on the ground. i just couldn't do it. instead i kind of kneeled. my knees paid for it, but at least i wasn't quite as germy as i could've been right??

it was a pretty fun time, but a warning to anyone that tries this: it takes much longer than a regular game of bowling!! thanks to jacks & sarena and dave & darian for the night out!


  1. that sounds like a ton of fun! i did that once on a date, we played it with skittles though and depending on the color you got you had to bowl a certain way! fun times!

  2. I want to do this! How fun!! If you come to London we will go UNO bowling!