dream boat

i was just browsing on ae.com. i shouldn't do these things to myself. there are SO many things that i want....

like this:

and maybe some of these:

this is purdy:

then there's this:

and then i found this:

ugh. i just want summer to come and i want to wear all of these things. what's a girl to do???


  1. Go the cheap route. Wear a bathing suit all summer.

  2. this makes me want summer too mara!! :(
    too bad i'll be GIGATIC with child and will not look cute at all, nor will i be able to fit in anything besides a dang mumu....go shopping, find me one of those, k??! :)

  3. i LOVE that red and blue belted dress. i've had my eye on it for a long time, just waiting for it to go on sale... i guess i'll have to just wait a little longer...

    love all these, you'd look great in all of them!

  4. Yay for spring/ summer fashion! It makes me all giddy inside. Bright colors, cute prints, I love it all.