so after reading a few blogs this morning, many of which belong to moms of one or two or three children, who have busy busy lives (much more than mine, i'm sure) and they've blogged multiple times since the last time i've blogged, i feel a bit of guilt creeping in. we were out of towners last weekend, and then birthdays, and then trying to recover from being out of towners, and then jae's work schedule was all changed this past weekend, and now here it's monday again already. long story, short, all of those excuses = i haven't blogged and i need to!! i will. i promise. love you all.

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  1. man oh man, i feel ya. blogging has been sparse on my end as well. but we haven't really even been super busy (well, i haven't ... vince has been CRAZY busy with school & work lately) ... we were both sick last week and just vegged, so nothing too exciting to blog about. can't wait to hear all about your adventures though!