count dracula

so remember how i told you i've been trying to count calories?

i know it's good and i'm glad i'm doing it, and frankly the counting part itself is real easy (the computer does it...), but it's not so fun to see the numbers when they turn red.

red means bad.

yesterday the numbers turned red. oopsie!

guess i better start doing more to actually work those calories back off eh?

there's a novel idea.


  1. I could never count calories! You go girl.

  2. I feel for you. If you saw on my blog, I started a food log this week...and though it could have been much worse, my calories are nowhere in the range for losing weight pre-wedding. Lame. No more chocolate every meal for me! Good luck with your endeavors, though :)

  3. You are funny. :) By the looks of your pictures, you do not need to count calories, but I commend you anyway! Keep up the good work!