month of gratitude, day 9

today, i am grateful for fun little notes :)
i started out my morning right (well, for about 2 minutes until i opened the door and saw all the whiteness on the ground...) by finding a little surprise note in my purse from my honey. i had asked him to write up all his medical expenses and figure out a rough estimate of what we spend in a year on medical bills, and leave it for me so i could bring it to work today to talk to the insurance people. well, he did just that, but then at the bottom, he wrote:

"P.S. Sorry i'm so expensive."

i give him crap all the time for how expensive he is, but he always just brushes it off and is like, whatever! well, today, he finally admitted it haha. it made me literally laugh out loud. it's ok if you're expensive, Jae, i wouldn't trade you for anything!!

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