getting behind on my gratefuls!

hello everyone! (aka like the 3 people that read my blog...) so Jae and i have been out of towners for the last few days, and i didn't have super internet accessibility, hence i haven't posted in a few days! so today, i think i'll just recap a few of the things i've been grateful for as of late...

*i'm grateful for the opportunity to travel and see new places! even if it is for work stuff, i got to go to Chicago this past week, and Jae was able to come with me. after a (very loong) day and a half of meetings and such, Jae and i explored just about everywhere we could walk to. and then we taxied back of course, since my feet were seconds from falling off. i LOVE the big city feel. i'm so glad we got to go explore a new place.

*i'm grateful for the Garrett popcorn company. caramel popcorn at its finest. mmmmmmmmmmm.

*i'm grateful for safe plane rides with hardly any turbulence. that's always nice. (and i know jae much appreciates this, too!)

*i'm grateful for room service. ohh the pleasures of being able to order some food over the phone and get it hand-delivered to you on a silver platter :) until the bill comes of course...

*i'm grateful to have a home to come back to, whether it's on a regular day, after work, or after a long day of traveling, or simply after being at someone else's house. it's just nice to come back to your own place of sanctuary.

*and last, but CERTAINLY not least, i'm so very grateful that myself and my husband are alive. friday night, on our taxi ride back to our hotel (which was about 30 minutes away), our driver was seriously so very close to falling asleep. jae and i kept our eyes locked on the rear view mirror, watching her eyes gradually fade closed over and over again. scary to say the least. she kept rolling down her window, etc, trying to keep herself awake, but on a few occasions i really honestly thought we weren't going to make it to the hotel. but i didn't know what to do!! so i just kept praying in my head that we wouldn't crash. and then, after we finally made it, and our feet were back on solid ground, and she drove away, i prayed that she'd make it back to wherever she was going without crashing. scariest 30 minute car ride of my life.


  1. first of all, i thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful use of color in this post! so purty!

    and second -- i'm so glad you didn't die in that taxi!! yikes! i probably would have asked her to drop us off somewhere, then find another taxi. so scary!

  2. yeah, i thought about switching taxi's too, but pretty much all of our drive was on the freeway, so how do you switch taxi's there??