the zoo!

i had been really wanting to take gracie to the zoo. we hadn't been since last fall and the weather this week has been awesome. we wanted to go last week, but the cold plague hit us all and it just wasn't happening. so we talked grandma and auntie kennedy into going with us, and we made a day of it. it was so fun! PERFECT weather. mid 70's and sunny and just awesome. didn't get too many pictures of actual animals, but there were a few babies we got to see and that makes it even better. definitely going back a few more times this summer. it's so fun to have a toddler to do these fun things with.

obligatory lion drinking fountain picture. i mean, how old is that thing by now?

this is the best pic i got of the girls together ha! gracie chomping on her cookie & refusing to smile. and lola just needed a good nap.

not the greatest pictures, but the two bears were just rough-housing with each other in the water, putting on a show. it was awesome.

click on this one to see it bigger. she was smiling, which is great! but she was also looking over at her aunt kennedy rather than the camera haha. typical!

and now looking in the right direction, but still not at the camera. this girl!

turns out she's a popcorn fiend. who knew?! once grandma bought her the popcorn, she honestly couldn't have cared less about the animals and just wanted to sit in the stroller and eat popcorn.

these are too funny, i had to post all of them. gracie!! this is how it is trying to get any sort of decent picture with them ;) (also, grandma bought her a bubble gun and she traded the bag of popcorn in for that and wouldn't put it down. still won't.)

the train!

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