st. george, may 2016

a few weeks ago we managed to squeeze 10 adults and 10 kids in one condo for a weekend! it was a little bit crazy and a lot of fun.

we spent the weekend eating, hiking, fishing, playing games, swimming, and just enjoying the warm weather and good friends. the mommas even snuck away for pedicures, leaving all the kids with the men. more than once before this trip i just about called it and was going to bail. life gets in the way sometimes, ya know? but i just really wanted this weekend away with friends and i knew gracie would have a blast with all the other little kids (which she did) so we made it happen and i'm glad we did.

on the road! both girls actually did really well both ways.

digging for rock treasures at glitter mountain

post pedicures

gracie was a pretty good little hiker. she's not had much experience hiking - we need to get her out more this summer. she even "peed in the bushes!" it was awesome. totally proud mom moment ;)

found a frog (toad?) in the pond area we stopped at. the kids traumatized it for sure.

we made up our own version of telestrations one night after the kids went to bed. it got pretty interesting!
a couple of the best ones of the night that had us rolling.

the whole gang! (minus baby juniper). not exactly in focus, but the best we could get. 

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  1. That looks so fun! I am finding that it is so much exhausting work to go places but at the same time it is usually worth it for my sanity. And the more I get out the more I appreciate when I am back home.