thoughts on pregnancy #2 (vol. 4)

How far along? 39 weeks. and feeling every one of those weeks.
Maternity Clothes? yes and i'm over it.
Sleep: between the heartburn/acid reflux that's found it's way back in my life the last couple of weeks and the small, smooshed bladder and the ginormous belly to haul around when trying to switch sides and the pain in my back by morning - not so much.
Best moment this week: jae got to come to my OB appt with me this time (he's only made it to maybe two of them this pregnancy), so that is always fun when he's there with me. also, i was sitting in the rocking chair with gracie the other night, getting ready to read stories before bed, and baby sister was kicking and pushing some sort of limb out of my belly (or at least that's what it felt like). anyway i had gracie put her hand on my belly and feel it, and little sister kind of kicked her. gracie got a big grin on her face and i think she really did feel it and was both excited but confused ;) it's hard to know how real this all is for a 2 year old, but in that moment, it felt pretty real and that was exciting and sweet.
Miss Anything? fitting in (any) clothes. 
Movement: she's definitely running out of room in there, but she still manages to ram body parts into my ribs or bladder or whatever else she can. i'm not really complaining though, i am glad and thankful to feel her moving and letting me know she's around and getting big and ready to come out soon. 
Food cravings: i feel like i've kind of hit a food-enjoying wall. i don't love to eat at this point, just because i'm already big and energy-less and eating takes space in my stomach and energy to make it and eat it! so no, no cravings right now i don't think. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope.
Have you started to show yet? i think i've officially hit the bigger than my first pregnancy line on the size chart. maybe not and i'm just feeling that way. who knows.
Gender: baby sister :)
Labor Signs: lots of contractions, both braxton hicks and 'real' ones (painful ones that make me feel like something is actually happening). baby has dropped even more in the last week and i'm dilated to a 3 now.
Belly Button in or out? kind of sticking out a little, which is surprising and a little weird.
Weddings rings on or off? on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: really happy and excited and anxious. but also, it's the last few days of pregnancy, so it's very easy to just be so tired and done.
Looking forward to: thanksgiving this week. time spent with family and more family. we have a feast thursday and another one friday. jae's convinced we're going to be eating our turkey dinner at the hospital, but i don't think so. as much as i want to be done being pregnant and meet this sweet little thing like, now, i am looking forward to these last few days with our family of 3 and enjoying the holiday time. it's such a weird time, the end of pregnancy. so many emotions.

we set up our christmas tree this past weekend. yes, we're those people. this year, at least. i just know i'll be busy (and exhausted) with two little people the next few weeks, and i want to be able to enjoy my time with them as much as i can, as well as the time with family and friends and the holidays. so i convinced jae it was necessary to set up christmas at our house before thanksgiving this year. so we did. well, most of it's up. the rest will be up in the next few days. this year is going to be SOOOOOOOO much fun with a 2 year old that can understand and be able to really enjoy the holidays this year, as well as a fresh-from-heaven newborn to snuggle by the glow of the christmas lights. i cannot wait.


  1. I had a dream last night about you going into labor today, so maybe Jae will be right about one of your Thanksgiving dinners? Anyway, best of luck with your upcoming labor and delivery! Can't wait to see her :)

    (This is Torrie, btw--commenting on my work account...)

  2. I can't believe she's here now! I also can't believe March is in 3 months and Lola's cousin will be joining us soon. I hope things are going well as a momma of 2. Xo.

  3. Wow, the story of your pregnancy period ending is so exciting...It was very interesting to learn more about the feeling of a woman at the end of this period! I wish you to bring up a wonderful girl!