family pictures 2015.

i realize we'll be having some more pictures done in a couple weeks after this new baby sister joins us, so maybe doing some pictures a few weeks ago (while I was largely pregnant) is a little bit of over-kill. but I wanted some pictures done of sweet gracie girl when she turned 2, and since jae's brother was nice enough to take time out of his schedule to do the pictures for us, I figured we might as well sneak in a few pictures of jae and I and family ones too.

we went up to silver lake up big cottonwood canyon, and although it was still 'early' fall, the colors were just starting to turn and it was beautiful. colder than we expected! and busy. but beautiful. I think they showcase gracie's personality pretty well (aka anything but a simple smiling picture ;))

and now for serious picture overload because I can't narrow them down...

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