taking stock, v. 3

Making: a to-do list for gracie's birthday party in two weeks. i just keeps growing.
Cooking: lots of soup, now that fall is officially upon us. i have a new potato bacon recipe to try this weekend!
Drinking: in these last few weeks/days/hours of nice sunny weather. the snow will be here before we know it (blech).
Reading: silver linings playbook. and gone girl is up next.
Wanting: a long afternoon nap. i'll be honest.
Looking: for anything pink and gold and glittery (yes, for gracie's party).
Playing: on our new little keyboard at home. well, mostly gracie plays pounds on it. it's good fun.
Wasting: my life away washing dishes and doing laundry!!!! ok so i'm being a little dramatic. but for reals, that's how it feels some days.
Sewing: a patch on jae's work shorts that we just bought a few months ago and are already ripped right through.
Wishing: our garage was done.
Enjoying: all the rain lately.
Liking: that i'm finally craving sweets (read: chocolate) LESS now. since ending the breastfeeding journey, my sweet tooth has taken a chill pill and i actually really appreciate that.
Wondering: how long i've got until gracie is walking all around. i sense it's coming sooner than i'd prefer.
Loving: my sweet family of 3 + the dog. it's a good little gig we got going :)
Hoping: i'll always remember to take advantage of all the time i have at home with gracie. it is fleeting & i don't ever want to take it for granted.
Marveling: at how life truly just gets better as i get older. sometimes harder. but still better.
Needing: this general conference weekend that's coming up.
Wearing: my hair up a lot lately. ok i'll admit it - i'm ready for my long hair to come back again.
Noticing: how much and how quickly gracie learns new things. every day, it seems like she's making a new sound or noticing something new or moving around in a new way. she's so smart. just soaking everything up like a cute little sponge.
Knowing: how completely blessed and taken care of i am.
Thinking: about what gracie should be for halloween. cuz she'll be one and she's going to care so much, i know.
Feeling:  the Lord's hand in my life. he's totally in charge - and that is a very good thing.
Bookmarking: all things party decor because i can use all the help i can get. not so blessed with creativity over here.
Giggling: at how many hours i've already spent on thinking/researching/planning gracie's 1st birthday. and honestly, i'm really simplifying it compared to a lot of cray cray moms out there, i think. it's absurd. but i kind of love it.

(sneak peak at recent pictures we did this past weekend. thanks to torrie, we still got some good shots even though it was pouring rain.)


  1. LOVE that picture!! so cute! I wanna see more!

  2. Such a great post! Can't wait for Gracie's little b-day!

  3. Cute pic! Jae looks like Jesse a bit in the pic. See you next weekend!