life lately, according to the photo dump.

here it is. life the last month, in photos
(all via my phone, of course)

super pleased with herself for emptying out the tissue box while i did dishes.

first time on a hammock with aunt chelsea :)

mom & baby selfies

trying any new foods we can think of. she's pretty skeptical of a lot of them.

fell asleep on a walk the other day. that hasn't happened since she was a newborn.

my cute mother in law packed me a full meal for lunch one day & had it ready for me when i dropped gracie off to her. complete with a note and even more notes inside with the food!

when all else fails & momma needs a break...

a walk around station park to pass time til daddy got off work.
everytime i see this picture and that face (those cheeks!), i think it looks exactly like me when i was a baby.

jae grilled up these delish brats and kabobs. SO good.

church selfies :)

had to wake her up the other morning to go to physical therapy.
she looked so sweet & was so sleepy, i felt so bad.

 new cookies/crackers to try. she loves them but they are MESSY.

we went to dinner & she completely turned herself around in her chair to face other people.
didn't want to look at boring mom & dad!
first zoo visit!
clearly she likes to turn herself around & face backwards a lot.


  1. Seriously, Gracie is the cutest. I kind of die from the cuteness every time I see pics of her. What a beautiful little baby :)

    And where are the pics of your new hair?! I want to see you like I haven't seen you since 8th grade...

  2. I love this!! That one of Gracie where she turned herself around at the restaurant made me laugh out loud, she's adorable!!

  3. little miss Gracie looks just like you mara! what a little beauty :)

  4. When I saw the picture of you and grace at station park I thought she looked just like you! I'm glad you see it too! And what a sweetie that little gracie is!

  5. She's so cute. I need to babysit when she's awake!