a date!

for fathers day, i 'gave' jae a date to the shooting range. well, 2 months later we finally went!

grandma karen babysat baby girl (thanks again!). jae and i went to lunch all by ourselves (so nice to eat without worrying about little hands grabbing my food or having to take turns eating & containing the child), and then we went up to the shooting range.

jae's only shot a rifle before, and i am completely inexperienced in shooting anything more than a bb gun, so it was way fun and also gave me a little anxiety handling the handguns.

but it was totally fun and we weren't too terrible and it was just nice to get away for a couple of hours by ourselves.

(i got a whopping four pictures)


  1. Fun! Vince and I love to go to the range, although we don't do it very often. Yay for dates!

  2. Fun, fun. Glad you snuck in a date!