out on leave.

it appears i haven't only been on maternity leave from work, but from my blog too. 
i would say i'm sorry and be hard on myself for not keeping up on it and letting myself get behind on life, but....i'm not. 

 not sorry at all. holding this sweet thing all day, every day for the last 7 weeks (SEVEN WEEKS!) has been the best 7 weeks of my life. i don't believe the people that claim you can hold a baby too much. i just don't believe it's true. and i wouldn't change any of it.

i promise, i'm really going to try to do some posts that aren't just Gracie. but when this is what your life revolves around...well it's my blog, so i do what i want :)


  1. No complaints here if you keep on posting about Miss Gracie---I can't get enough of her either, esp. since I haven't seen her in person yet :)

  2. More of miss Gracie pleeeease! Lovin it.

  3. I'll say it again, she's adorable! I agree, holding babies never gets old :).