what it means to be a new mother.

it means always smelling like milk or poop. or both.

it means my hair is up in a pony tail or top bun more often than not.

it means i never really feel clean.

it means constantly taking out garbage bags full of dirty diapers.

it means constantly washing bottles.

it means constantly doing laundry.

it means 3 or more outfit changes in one day, for both of you.

it means never sleeping in anything longer than 3-4 hour increments.

it means your back and arms kill from holding her but you can't seem to put her down (either because she doesn't want you to or you don't want to).

it means your entire day is measured in 2-3 hour increments.

it means most of your "quiet" or "free" time ends up being spent just staring at her because you still can't quite believe this amazing little thing is yours.

i love it.
i love her.

{photos compliments of mary}


  1. Lovely thoughts, dear friend. I love this---I love seeing you as a mother :)

  2. I agree with Torrie, it is so beautiful to see you as a mother!

  3. Aww! It sounds like you are embracing motherhood in a beautiful way! Love this

  4. So sweet. You're a beautiful momma.

  5. So true! I love the pic of her in the lights. I might have to steal it and do it with Claire!