girls night out.

the other day, one of my besties mary and i had a little ladies night out.
just a random wednesday, middle of the week, night out. why not, right?
it was fun :)

it included pedicures and baskin robbins and lots of chit chat. excellent.
(i would show you picture of our nicely manicured toes, but then you'd have to see how largely puffy my feet are, especially next to mary's miniature, petite feet. so i'll spare you this time. you're welcome.)

{ps: 39 weeks!}
{pps: there were totally bits & pieces of snow on top of my car this morning. boohoo.}
{ppps: happy friday & happy conference weekend!}


  1. you're almost there!!! fun girls night! XO

  2. thanks for such a fun evening friend! sure do love you.