3 years of blogging.

on 10.6.10, i wrote my first blog post on this here little blog.
i did have a different blog before, when i lived in china, but this blog was created brand spanking new for both jae and i and the start to our lives together.

so i thought i'd celebrate with a little party. (ok so this isn't really a party, but just a post to tell you about it? sure.)
here's to 3 years of (not-so-regular) blogging for me!

3 year re-cap (not necessarily in chronological order):
*we've moved 3 times
*bought a house
*completely gutted and remodeled that house (i still have many posts about all of that that i've never posted..)
*got sealed for forever in the Bountiful LDS temple (on our 2 year, 3 month wedding anniversary)
*had 9 different jobs between the two of us
*owned our own business and then sold that business
*traveled to the new england area multiple times, china, california a few times, hawaii, malaysia, singapore, cancun, chicago
*ran a 10k mud run in california together
*went on hundreds of date nights
*had 4 different vehicles (ok, i've had the same car the whole time, but we've had 3 different trucks)
*got our first puppy!
*made a baby 
*had so much fun :)

i'd say that's a pretty good list for 3 years, yes?
so i decided to grab a few photos from the past 3+ years and put together all in one place. and yes, i use the term 'few' very loosely...so if you don't care to see them all (you've probably seen most already) that's totally understandable. and no, they're definitely not in any special order because that just would've been way too much work for myself that i didn't want to try to tackle! just being honest ;)

and of course, the most recent, biggest event in our lives thus far...

here's to the next 3 years of blogging about whatever life brings!


  1. Love, love, love! And I love you two! & baby girl and Zo. So cute, Mars. Awkward that I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures I'm in, ha. I'm so glad you blog. :)

  2. A baby bump!!!!! So so so incredibly precious :) You're due soon -- praying everything goes smoothly. And remember to stay calm, through all of it -- labor, recovery, once you're back at home -- be calm. Your baby can sense how you're feeling. You were created to be a mama. xoxo

  3. yay for blogging! and yay for all these cute pictures!! sure love you guys!!

  4. So cute! Love all these pictures :)