thoughts on pregnancy {pt. 8}

{a little peek..hopefully more complete pictures later this week!}

i've been thinking a lot lately.

i have a friend that is also expecting (due in December) and we chat all the time about pregnancy and our babies and just life as we know it right now. she says a lot how she feels like she's been pregnant for forever already and is already ready to be done and that she's jealous that technically our baby could come any time now.

when i hear her say these things, i do understand where she's coming from obviously, but i can't help but feel sad that she feels that way.

aside from the last couple weeks or so (come on, let's be realistic when talking about this last month), i don't really remember a time during my pregnancy that i felt like it was taking forever or that i just wanted to be done. there are definitely moments that move slower than others, but in general, i feel like the last 9 months have gone by fairly quickly and i haven't felt 'over being pregnant' during that time.

the last week or so, especially, i have found myself stopping to pause and take in the moments. like first thing on a Saturday morning when jae, pup, and i are just hanging out in bed, trying to wake up and just enjoying the quiet time. or on a sunday afternoon when i find jae and pup snuggling and taking a snooze together. i've known it all along, but it's like it has really hit home recently....

everything is about to change.

don't get me wrong, i wanted this. i wanted to be pregnant and i chose to have a baby and become a mother. now that we're so close to this big change, i am feeling a bit bittersweet about it all. it will never be like this again. this time in our lives right now will never happen again just like it is now. good or bad, nothing will be the same ever again, and that is quite the realization when it actually hits home. it's like i knew it already. but i've finally started realizing it.

the last few months, we have made a huge effort to make sure we go out (not just take out, not just fast food. like actual sit-down, order from a menu restaurant) at least once every weekend, just jae and i, and to just appreciate the time we have left (could be days, could be weeks) just us. i am so glad we've done this.

all this being said, i am hugely ridiculously super de duper excited for this little girl to join our family. and i am immensely happy that i have jae right by my side for life.


  1. Aw, this is so sweet Mars. It makes you enjoy the little things when a life change is about to happen. I know I need to enjoy the 'now' more. I hope the next little while until bebe girl is here are good to you, Jae and Zo. Love you guys!

  2. I can relate to this post. The last date Caleb and I did together by ourselves was go out to a movie. It was fabulous! And movies at the theater have never been the same since. (Which I'm not sorry about, it's just different). I am glad you are enjoying these last quiet moments together and I know you'll love when baby miss is here.

  3. Oh! and adorable nursery so far! I've been dying to see pics of it. I've known it would be adorable.

  4. cant wait to see the finished nursery, looks adorable so far from what i've seen. it can be a hard thing to be mindful about being in the NOW and enjoying it, but i'm glad you are taking some time to appreciate your life now before the little miss comes! love you friend!

  5. Beautifully said, Mara---I'm sure most moms-to-be feel a little bittersweet about the whole thing (unless, of course, they don't REALIZE what a big commitment they've entered into, which we hope doesn't happen very often). You're going to be such a great momma, and your little girl is so lucky to have you and Jae :) Can't wait to meet her!

  6. ohhh so cute! Cant wait for her to get here! xo