a recap & taking stock.

pup taking advantage of nap time over the weekend

date night at our favorite...

texas roadhouse. salad, steak, taters, rolls.

baby girl's halloween costume came :)
i know, i know. i'm out of control.

this little gem has been floating around blogland lately, and i wanted to join in the fun.

Making: at least bi-weekly runs to target for anything & everything
Cooking: white chicken chili soup (at least, i will be this weekend, hopefully. sooo good.)
Drinking: water. 24/7. (and sometimes wishing it was DP)
Reading: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Wanting: to get a few good hours of solid sleep (but not planning on it)
Looking: ideas for wall decor for baby's room
Playing: with Zo and her top 3 favs - rope, kong, & squeaker
Wasting: food that sounds good one minute and not good the next
Sewing: the hem on baby's curtains (or at least i need to be doing that..)
Wishing: i knew when baby girl is going to show her face
Enjoying: the few days left with just jae & i
Waiting: for the day i can pick from the other 3/4's of my closet again
Liking: turkey sandwiches, pb&j's, and chocolate ice cream
Wondering: how much i'm actually going to get done on my to-do list this weekend
Loving: this cool fall weather
Hoping: for a healthy baby girl
Marveling: at the peace i feel about this upcoming huge change
Needing: help. a lot. for everything.
Smelling: rain
Wearing: flip flops. STILL. but wishing i was wearing my boots or flats or anything else.
Following: a bunch of smart momma's that are teaching me all sorts of good stuff
Noticing: how anxious/excited jae is getting to meet baby girl. makes me even happier & more excited :)
Thinking: about getting the nursery all organized THIS weekend....
Knowing: my life is about to completely change
Focusing: on all things baby. can you tell?
Bookmarking: anything baby and/or fall
Opening: a million baby presents. holy cow, people are generous & awesome
Giggling: at myself and how completely ridiculous it is to do anything physical these days
Feeling: super grateful for jae's new job and that he's loving it so much already (i'll have to blog about that later..). and really - just super grateful for my life right now. things are changing and hard decisions are having to be made but it's all just part of this sweet life and i'm trying to remember to enjoy the ride.


  1. I am obsessed with white chicken chili---in the colder months (I've already started), I make it about every other week. I have three different recipes I rotate between, two of which are posted on my blog. (If you want to check them out, they're in the "Recipes" tab at the top, and they're both amazing!)

  2. haha! I love all your pregnancy snippets and thoughts! (because I know all too well what you are talking about) But don't you worry, that other side of the closet will start fitting in no time. Except for your shirts, in the chest area... don't even think about that fitting anytime soon! Can't wait for baby girl to show her face.

  3. that little skeleton outfit is killing me dead with its cuteness!!!