sometimes i come across stories about pregnancy or birth or babies. anything on that subject, and i usually either really want to read it or really don't want to read it. it's a touchy subject for me right now. 

today i read this blog post, not knowing what i was about to read. and as much as i didn't want to keep reading it because i could feel the tears welling up, i couldn't not read it. it was so heartfelt and sweet mixed with the sad and unthinkable.

my heart is breaking for them today.
literally, my heart is hurting.
hits close to home, although i can't even put myself in their shoes.
i can't even imagine.
praying for them.


  1. :'( So sad. "I loved her from the moment she was a possiblity in my mind". Wow, how I relate to that thought, and how heart breaking to watch your new baby die.

  2. my sister told me about her post today and I don't know if I can read it, I have such a hard time reading such sad stories. I have a hard time not getting nervous about our pregnancy when I read them too. It's hard to understand why such hard things happen.

    1. yeah no one told me about it beforehand, so i had no warning! and then once i was into the post, i couldn't stop reading it obviously. ugh. hard things.