no, these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post. 
they're merely extras i found from our new hampshire/vermont trip a few weeks ago.

we are halfway through this week. yes! i've said it before but i still think the same thing all the time - it's so weird how the moments or even a day can feel like it passes by sooo slowly. but really, after a week is over or another month passes, it seems like it flew by and i can hardly believe it. (like june, for example.....that's 1/3 of our summer basically already gone! what??!)

we are headed to sunny (and HOT - 112 degrees anyone? hello pool and air conditioned hotel room!) st. george this weekend. we'll be spending a day in vegas too. we thought about just staying in vegas the whole time, but the thought of all that heat and me waddling around the strip with swollen legs and feet and the smoke and awesome people just didn't sound incredibly appealing at this moment in my life.
so just a day in vegas and time to see a show and eat at a buffet sounds just about right.

happy hump day, friends.
i hope your wednesday is nice to you.

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