leaving on a jet plane.

Jae and i are heading out today for Boston, staying the night in the Shire (New Hampshire) at Jae's dads, and then heading up to Vermont tomorrow. Jae's grandma passed away, and her funeral is Tuesday. that is the main purpose for our trip. but i think it will be a nice few days away from work and life and time spent with family, so we're looking forward to that.

just a little baby update before we go:
*i am 20 weeks! halfway! it's really hard to believe. i feel like the last 6 or 7 weeks have just flown by. *my belly has definitely popped even more, although i thought it already had. i was wrong! it has now!
*of course, we found out baby is a GIRL!!! holy exciting. the Horrocks are very good at making boys, so we were just kind of sure it would be a boy. i think Jae is still a bit in shock ;)
*since finding out we're having a girl, we of course had to buy a couple of baby girl things to hang in the nursery. i know - we'll get a ton of stuff, especially clothes, but i couldn't resist. i mean, ruffle-bum leggings??!
*it's starting to get uncomfortable to sleep. i wake up lots of times during the night. but i know it's only going to get worse because i'm only going to get bigger. so i try not to complain about that too much (yet..).
*i've most definitely moved into the hungry-and-must-eat-all-the-time stage. i don't necessarily feel hungry all the time, but even if i feel full, it usually wears off within half an hour or so and then i'm ready to eat something again. although at our last appt (last week) i'd only gone up about 1.5 pounds. i swear i've gained more....
*i feel my feet start to swell sometimes. i don't think you can really tell just looking at them, but when i wear flats or anything but sandals, really, i feel my shoes getting a bit tighter. can't wait to see what they're like in august when i'm even bigger and like 34 weeks. yikes.
*really can't complain too much though. i feel pretty good!

alright well we're actually at the airport now and about to start boarding, so i better get going. i with you all a very happy memorial day weekend, and hope you get to enjoy it with family like we do.


  1. cutest little bump! it's completely adorable ;)

  2. Look at you and your adorable little bump! Seriously, I'm so excited for you guys :)

    Have a safe flight!

  3. um stop being so dang cute, ok? love the bump so much!! hope you have a lovely time visiting with family.

  4. love the pregnancy updates...hope the funeral went well-- never a fun reason to go somewhere, but hopefully you at least were able to relax & enjoy! i want to see pictures of the trip soon! XOXOXOXO

  5. Yep you are a very very cute pregnant girl! I can't believe how much you are showing. I don't think people could even tell I was pregnant at 20 weeks. Cute Cute!

  6. You look so cute! Glad you are feeling good!