home & sick.

well, after a good/sad/happy/fun/tiring/long/short trip to the New England area, we are finally home (with a few unplanned pit-stops on the way home - hello night stay in Minneapolis that we did not plan on!) and we both are sick. there wasn't a lot of sleep to be had most nights, and our cute nephews seemed to catch some sort of cold on their travel there that they passed on to us. or maybe it just manifest itself when we got there, but i already was getting sick. who knows. 

anyway, we're both sniffling and having sore throats. and i can't taste much of anything. nonetheless, we are happy to finally be home and grateful we have a couple days ahead to recoup over the weekend and back to the working grind come monday.

i'll post more about our trip later, but for now, i think zoey can help explain how we're all feeling right about now (herself included).....


  1. Well it looks like we didn't miss out on everything, Jordan came down with the same thing Monday. I've managed to evade it though, *knock on wood*. Did you not get home Wednesday then but Thursday? I'm sorry, glad you're home now. Feel better!

  2. Mar! Ugh i feel for you. I'm sick too right now with the same yucky viral thing and it's aweful. here's to recovering this weekend. p.s. zoey is adorablr snuggled in her blankey.