five (or ten!) things + a little announcement.

the amazing Casey did this little tagged post today, and i thought i'd play along to make a friday just a little more exciting!

the original tag: five things you didn't know about me.
(or at least most of you...i'm not that secretive or interesting people, come on.)
Casey decided to do ten instead......we'll see how many i end up with :)

.1. i am hungry from the minute i get up in the morning. doesn't matter if it's 5 AM or 9 AM. hungry!
.2. my official work title is a "clinical charge audit analyst I". figure that one out.
.3. when i got married, i made my maiden name legally my middle name (i didn't have a middle name before.)
.4. i would rather eat breakfast food for any meal of the day rather than any other type of meal/food.
.5. i have 4 sisters - i'm the youngest. the next one above me in age is 6.5 years older. when i was younger i always wished i had a brother that was in between me and my next sister up. 
.6. i have an obsession with office supply stuff. i absolutely love new pens, markers, crisp printer paper, sticky notes, and especially fine point sharpies!
.7. since 7 is one of my favorite numbers (we were married on the 7th), i'll make this my stopping point. so last but certainly not least.......

we're expecting!!!!! YAYY! we could not be more excited! little peanut is schedule to make his or her debut sometime mid-October!
{special thanks to miss Mary for her awesome help with our cute picture!}

have the happiest of weekends, friends!
i know we will :)


  1. Hip hip!! Congrats again friend!! I sure love you guys an can't wait to love & snuggle your lil peanut! Maybe we will be birthday twins?! That'd be cool. October birthdays are pretty awesome!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Best post ever!!!! This just made my day! You guys will be such great parents. Now bring on the baby related posts!!


    Found your adorable blog through Casey Leigh!
    Can't wait to follow your story,


  4. Again I'm so excited for you!

  5. Cute outfit! I love the shoes. I'm dying to find out if I get a new niece or nephew!

  6. You look so amazing and happy! You're already glowing :)
    let's get together asap...love you.

  7. HEY CONGRATS! that is super exciting! so much to look forward to! let me know if you need a doula, i know some great ones!

  8. love this! i am the exact same with 4, 6, and 7!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness! This is just so exciting! I am beyond thrilled for you & hope you have been feeling well? xoxo