i've realized i think i'm subconsciously refusing to blog the last couple of days because i'm refusing to accept that our 3-day weekend is very much over and we're very much back into the full swing of a work week. 


we had a slow, lazy, lay-in-the-spot-that-has-sunshine-and-give-dads-fingers-a-10-minute-dog-licking-bath kind of saturday. yes, you heard me right! we had sunshine!!! it was glorious. and then by monday, we were running around crazy, doing lots of mostly fun things. (i worked for a few hours early that morning. that was the not-fun part).

well, weekend or not, i've got a few things to blog about that i'll try to get to sooner rather than later. but i make no promises. 

did you enjoy the sunshine wherever you were this past weekend? 
(if you're in utah, we're getting snow today....sunshine over.)

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  1. NOOO, I want the sunshine to STAY! yeah, we were definitely lovin' the sun. If I survive this winter, then that will be good. okay I'm done whining, and I love those pictures of Zoey. Cute!