to my lover on his 28th birthday:

first off, i love you Jae!
now, i shall tell you 28 reasons why you are great:
.1. you (let me make you) get a "real" haircut for at least half of the year.
.2. you're a truck guy. who doesn't love a truck guy? truck guys are hot.
.3. even though you don't always show your goofy/dorky/funny side to the world, you are goofy/dorky/funny with me, and i just love it. 
.4. you love our pup and play (roughhouse) with her all the time. she loves playtime with you! 
.5. you're a better cook than i, but you still love me anyway.
.6. you do all the manly, heavy lifiting stuff without me asking.
.7. you aren't too manly to do things like laundry and the dishes.
.8. you're more organized than i am.
.9. you hold my hand anytime, anywhere.
.10. you are as excited as i am to start a family some day.
.11. you are handy around the house.
.12. you are an honest, hard-working man.
.13. you love ice cream just about as much as i do :)
.14. you tell me you love me multiple times a day, every day.
.15. you have excellent handwriting (especially for a guy).
.16. you look awfully handsome and dapper in a suit.
.17. you make me laugh when i'm (trying) to be mad at you.
.18. you tuck me into bed every night.
.19. you turn on my side of the heated blanket on our bed before i get in, so it's warm for me.
.20. you have a testimony of the gospel and are a good example of a faithful church member.
.21. you love your family (and mine!) and are always willing to help them out.
.22. you always cheat and tell me "happy almost birthday" when it's still YOUR birthday. (cheater!)
.23. you love me unconditionally (like all those times when i'm super grumpy...so like, a lot.)
.24. you are a simple guy - dinner and a movie night at home is a great date to you, and i love that.
.25. all my nieces and nephews absolutely adore you. you play with them and make them laugh all the time.
.26. you love a cup of hot chocolate and mallows just as much as me.
.27. you're a perfect match for me - i'm always cold and you're always warm.
.28. you're a hat guy. hat guys are hot, too.


  1. I am 100% positive I cannot stay mad at Jordan for longer than 5 minutes because he makes me laugh. It ticks me off! Ha. Obviously brothers. :) This is cute.

  2. Aww!!! I love this! You guys are so super cute. What more can i say?

  3. Super cute :) Say happy birthday to the old man for us!


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