number three.

Jae and i celebrated our third anniversary!

it was his turn to plan things, and he was very adament that it was all a surprise, so i didn't know anything about where we were going or what we were doing, except that he told me which days to take off work.

we left sunday after church. we dropped pup off at grandma's and headed to the freeway.
after about an hour of driving, we ended up at the beautiful zermatt resort in midway!

neither of us have stayed here before and it was so fun!
apparently our anniversary is at a good in-between time for the resorts (between christmas and sundance film festival) so the place was pretty empty. we got a free room upgrade which was super nice! a mini kitchen, HUGE jetted tub, fireplace.....SO cute and cozy.

we spent our couple of days roaming the hotel, swimming, getting massages and foot rubs, eating, sitting in the steam room, more swimming and hot tubbing, more eating, enjoying the fire both in our room and in the lobby area, lounging in our robes, drinking complimentary hot apple cider, and soaking in the jetted tub. it was fabulous. oh, and the best part? we walked in our room for the first time and Jae had called and had them put rose petals all around the room...on the floor, the bed, the tub. this guy is a winner, ladies. a real winner. and i am so happy i get to keep him for forever.

 {please excuse poor phone picture quality)

i love you Jae!


  1. Wow! He gets serious man points for planning that all out. Congrats to you both on the anniversary!

  2. Oh man, what a lovely anni. you're one lucky girl! happy 3rd!

  3. so fun! i'm so glad you have each other -- love you guys!!

  4. how sweet is this!!! happy three years, the zermatt is such a fun place. way to go jae!
    xo c&e

  5. what a cool place! we love midway, but we haven't ever stayed there. You two know how to celebrate! congrats on your third year!