bacon, egg, & cheese.

one of our favorite breakfast foods to make are breakfast sandwiches.
they're super easy and quick, and taste warm and yummy!
i'm sure many of you have made them before, but here's how we do it:

1. grab your bread/croissant/biscuit/bagel/whatever kind of sandwich "ends" you'd prefer 
(we usually like just our good old wheat bread and we toast it)

2. put on some cheese of your choice 
 (we put it on the toast quickly so it can start getting warm/melty. 
and yes, go ahead and mock me and my kid-style kraft singles...)

3. add your microwaved egg 
(do you guys know/use microwave eggs too? 
so easy and the perfect sandwich size!)

4. the pile on your bacon pieces 
(best part, if you ask me)

and there you go!

easy and tasty breakfast sandwich.
what other quick breakfast concoctions do you make?


  1. yum! love this idea, because we always make breakfast burritos but mixing it up with just sandwiches would be so good too!

  2. I grew up making microwave eggs whenever all of us kids were hungry and my mom wasn't home or it wasn't a meal time. Hardly anyone knows that you can even do it! This makes us even better friends. When you come meet cooper we'll have to microwave some eggs together to celebrate!

    1. haha we'll hang out with cooper and make microwave eggs. sounds awesome :)

  3. We live on breakfast smoothies (made with Carnation Breakfast Essentials powder, a banana, frozen fruit, and spinach). It's pretty much my favorite meal of the day, every day.

    Not even kidding.

    1. i want to start making smoothies again! we used to make them a lot, especially after we'd work out. but since our blender got stolen, we've yet to get a new one. it's on the list :)

  4. believe it or not, the first time i tasted a breakfast sammie was last saturday haha! my boyfriend was horrified that i never did and made me one. and i LOOOVE them, i want to try bacon with it like yours!

    xo Marlen
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  5. I e been having bagel thins toasted and peanut butter spread on them and its a delicious and filling meal! We will have to try this sandwich!