the day after.

well, we stayed up entirely too late last night (for a girl who was supposed to get up and get to work at a reasonable time this morning) watching the dark knight rises on blu-ray (one of Jae's gifts). but he was like a kid in a candy shop and couldn't another second to watch it. and i finally made it into work at about 930 today. and tonight, we're using one of Jae's other Christmas gifts....going to the Jazz game! 
so it's all good.

i haven't quite got all my pictures put together about our Christmas fun yet, so i'll post on that a little later. for now, a snippet of what the pup and i did on our Christmas afternoon (while Jae had to go work for a few hours...boo.) hope your holiday was as busy and fun as ours!

Zo and i snoozing watching one of my all-time favorites - the muppet christmas carol.

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