let's be real for a minute here.

around this time of year, most people are thinking of what they want to focus on next year. how they want to be nicer. how they want to be in better shape. be a better friend. be more patient. how they want to work hard and make lots of money.

while i have some of these same thoughts, i'm not typically one to write down a big "resolutions" list. i kind of find if unrealistic (my track record speaks for itself.....). i've seen a few people/read a few blogs that pick a simple word or phrase for the coming year to focus on. i find this idea much more realistic. much more doable. if i'm picking something that helps remind me to be a better person in life in one way or another, it's bound to affect most aspects of my life and help me be better at all those things i could be writing on my resolution list.

you feel me?

i haven't quite settled on what i want to pick for this coming year yet, but i have a few ideas rolling around. i'm feeling especially inspired by these thoughts. it will be hard to narrow it down.


  1. Those are some good ones! I've tried this the past two years. Unfortunately I didn't remember them more than two months. Oops.

  2. What a lovely idea--I might adopt this too (although, let's be honest--you better believe I'll also be making the crazy resolutions list!).

    my two favorites?

    Let it be.

    Come what may and love it.

    Might be stealing those :)

  3. such good thoughts! thanks for the inspiration! happy new year!
    xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  4. Love you friend! 2013 will be an awesome year for you & Jae I can feel it!!

    My favs of those are: let it be. and faith in god includes faith in his timing.