vintage revivals: PICK ME!

so the lovely miss Mandi over at vintage revivals is doing this so super awesome giveaway.
and i cannot resist.

i mean, come on, it's a ROOM MAKEOVER people.
have you seen my house?
probably most of you haven't.
for good reason.
we've worked so hard on it, but the last couple rooms are just struggling to get done!
(yes, the rooms are struggling. it has nothing to do with the owners just not getting it done...)

so hey there (good looking) Mandi.....this one's for you!

we bought our house just over a year ago. when we bought it, our middle bedroom looked like this:

hoarders and cat people and smokers. need i say more? didn't think so.
and yes, that is WALLPAPER ON THE CEILING. i still haven't gotten over that, can you tell?

by the time we got our hands on it, it looked more like this:

panelling. carpet. wallpaper. etc. you name it, they used it. and for this particular room, they picked a most appealing thanksgiving/hunting/fall theme for the walls. lovely.

oh, and here's the pile of carpet (and other stuff) that we pulled out:

we've peeled, sanded, scrubbed, scraped, cleaned, pulled up, taken down everything in this room, and the rest of the house. you name it, we've done it. and it's been exhausting, to say the least. we have all the rooms (mostly) done except the last two bedrooms. it took us 7.5 months just to be able to move into our house, and the motivation to get these last two bedrooms done is dwindling.

today this room looks like this:

the carpet, wallpaper, curtains, nails, everything has been removed. the floors have been refinished. the walls/ceiling have been sanded, but should have another sanding prior to painting. we've even picked a paint color! but alas, the room is still sitting there. empty and unfinished. but a perfect bare canvas just waiting for an amazing makeover!!!


we are so tired. and let's get real here - we could use some help. i will love you forever Mandi. forever and ever. we'll be forever indebted. PLEASE.


  1. Eek. I had forgotten how bad it was. If you don't win I'll help you finish it.

  2. Wow, you're right, yours was worse. The floors look great now though! And the prep work is the worst part. Hope you win!!!

  3. I want you to win!!! Wow, the work you've done is amazing.

  4. Wow. That is a before. You guys have worked your BUTTS off! I am SO glad that you entered!! Finger crossed cute girl!

    Love your guts

  5. If anybody deserves to win, it is these cute kids. In the middle of their hard work, somebody stole most of their cabinets from the storage unit in which they were being kept. They persevered on, but they could use a break and a helping hand. I vote for you guys.

    1. thanks papa george :) that was very sweet!

  6. ...and they are both sooooo cute.