{random}: having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective

*i'm fairly certain (especially after my cubicle neighbor Amy diagnosed for me) i have an abnormally large ear canal in my right ear. the earbud ALWAYS falls out of that ear. but stays nice and snug in my left ear. seriously, it's annoying.

*this september weather that utah has been having is spectacular. i approve.

*on the same weather note, that on/off thunderstorm last saturday? awesome! zoey wasn't so sure she agreed though.

*i have what i'm pretty sure (yes, another self-diagnosis) is a ganglion cyst on my wrist. today it is being a particular pest, and i'm about to dial up the hand MD this minute and schedule an appt to get it taken care of. (no Jae and Amy - not the Bible way.)

*i just had "Great Balls of Fire" come up on my Avril Lavigne Pandora channel. so that's weird.

*i love the Wreckers. listened of them?

*our dining room is about one corner cabinet away from being totally done.

*oh, i lied. it's missing the curtains i've been promising Jae i'd make for about the last 3 months. but that's still pretty close.

 *i also love safetysuit. like, a lot.

*after seeing commercial after commercial of olive garden's never-ending pasta bowl, we finally caved and went last night to celebrate our labor day holiday. i lost count after Jae's third bowl, but we definitely got our money's worth! and no, Jae, i'm not saying you're fat. so don't even.

*Chels and i took Zoey and Blue on a doggy play date at the park. it was cute. they're crazy. and had matching tiny tennis balls to play with. although i'm pretty sure neither of them cared about playing with them while at the park. Zoey did make a little boy cry though. she was just so excited to see a kid! plus the kid was like 8...he was kind of being a baby.

*yesterday marked my 6 year anniversary of working for Intermountain Healthcare. woo, go me!

*i got Jae and i new toothbrushes this past weekend. don't you just love new toothbrushes?

*i've been craving a pretty soft pinkish/cream nail polish color lately. i saw about 5 different options at different stores this weekend that would've worked perfectly. didn't buy any of them. go figure.

*i have a daily debate with myself about whether to keep or get rid of our cable. my mind changes multiple times a day. or i just decide that i can't decide. i was all ready to get rid of it and then football started....grr. and yes, it is me that wants to keep it because of football, not just Jae. thoughts on this?

*who watches so you think you can dance? we do. Jae loves Cyrus. i love Tiffany. although there is still a Utah girl on there, so i feel like we should be cheering for her. but i just don't love her. it is what it is. who do you love?

*22 days until vacation. eeeeeeeeeek.


  1. If it makes you feel better, ear buds won't stay in EITHER of my ears, so I pretty much hate them.

    And I vote no on the cable--there's so much available online now that it seems like it's just one more expense. (Although if they just allowed me to get TLC for like $4 a month, I totally would do it).

  2. My left ear has an abnormally small canal, evidenced by the fact that I can never jam the earbud in far enough.

    I whacked my cyst with a book and it hurt SO BAD. Then it didn't even go away for a week. Not worth it.