Jacks & Sarena 7.13.12

one of Jae's good friends from high school, Jackson, got married to his love, Sarena, this past weekend. they got married and then had a reception out at a lovely outdoor/indoor place in Draper. 

it's been so bloody hot here recently (we're talking like over 100 degrees) - it finally cooled down a bit the last week or so, and was actually really nice for their outdoor ceremony. luckily, the reception part was inside because shortly after the ceremony, it started downpouring! it was perfect timing.

a few pictures from the ceremony...

Jackson's dad got to be the one to marry them. it was neat.

i was lucky enough to sit next to this little lady and her cute pigtails  :)

and now here's some from the reception part of the evening...

we were impatient for the food to come out, so we made a quick trip to wendy's down the street between the ceremony and reception. by the time we got back to the reception center, the food was out & everyone was eating. oops.

it was a long night of dancing & hanging out.

a group shot - not all the friends we got to see/hang out with, but a few of them anyway. it was good to see them all! 

congrats, Jacks and Sarena :)

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  1. Your hair is so long and pretty! I love the loose curls.