so i currently have a pair of white skinny jeans. they look similar to this:

{as if you couldn't picture what white skinny jeans look like..}

i am about 95% sure that i want to color these bad boys. you know how white just gets to be impossible to really keep/make white after so long? i just feel like their fine white days are over. but the jeans themselves are still in good shape, so i don't just want to get rid of them. it just so happens i've also been craving a fun colored skinny jean, so i'm trying to figure out what color i want. did you know it's really hard to narrow to just one? and i'm not one to go for the tie-dye jean look, so i have to pick just one.

i'm hoping you all will help.
i've narrowed to these 5 colors, and i need your help to pick which one to do!
here goes (in no particular order..)


light blue/turqouise 

(light/pale) yellow


mint green

so what do you think???
please comment and help a brotha out.
and by brotha, i mean me.
you rock.


  1. But all I'm going to tell you is that I like them all...thus making me no help at all. You always knew I was indecisive!

  2. Mint or turquoise! Can I come play when you do it?? I have a pair of white jeans too, maybe I could color mine too!

  3. Turquoise. But I'm wondering if you've discovered the magic of OxyClean. I've used it with great results. The last thing I did was refresh my 7-year-old white summer peacoat--gray sleeves and collar gone!

  4. mint. i have been wanting mint jeans FOREVER. You could totally make it work into fall...

  5. that purple hue is gorg. And with fall and winter coming... mmhmm. I love colored skinnies.