sneak attack

so we have a pretty usual bedtime routine around our house. it basically goes like this:

i shower/get ready for bed.
jae takes pup out to go potty once more before bed.
i get in bed and jae brings pup in to bed to go to sleep.
pup and i go to sleep.
jae stays up and watches ESPN/some sort of game (right now it's all about NBA playoffs).
jae eventually showers and gets in bed.
jae goes to sleep.

the end.

except while i was scrolling through his pictures on his phone last night, i found some interesting ones i hadn't seen before. turns out pup and i are so cute while we're sleeping (ok so it's mostly pup that's so cute, not so much myself) that jae likes to snap a picture here and there of us. i thought i'd share a couple because they are pretty dang cute (again - cute of pup, not of me sleeping....that's not really that cute - so please disregard my super glamorous sleeping self. how do some people just look so good when they're just sleeping? it's beyond me.)

i can't help but laugh when i look at these. that pup cracks me up.


  1. aaaaahhhhhh i love these so so so much! you are so dang cute!

  2. HAHA! I love the pictures! and you are adorable by the way! I should look through Cabe's phone to see what kind of gems I can find.

  3. Oh these are too cute! At first I didn't notice your pup in the first photo and only saw the second and thought you two were adorable sleeping the same way and then I saw the first one...hilarious!

    xo erica