sloowww down

you know those weeks when the week hasn't even started yet, but you already know, just thinking about it, that it's going to be a crazy busy exhausting week and you won't get anything done? well it's one of those weeks for us. and i'm not so much enjoying it! but i kind of got myself (and by myself, i mean both Jae and i...sorry Jae) into it.

you see, we are house-sitting/dog-sitting for the entire week - aka from this past saturday night through this coming sunday night. we've done it many times before, but never had our own puppy in the mix of things. and now we do. and it's.....ok.

so basically, we're just trying to keep our heads above water and make it til at least friday. i think friday through sunday shouldn't be too bad. and don't get me wrong, the dogs aren't too bad, really. it's just being so busy with both Jae and i having our two jobs each and our own puppy and going from salt lake to west bountiful and back multiple times during the week. see what i mean?? bobbing...bobbing...in the water...

a few pictures for viewing pleasure, because my mind can't think of anything good to write about......
{sorry - they're all taken with my phone, and yes, most have to do with the pup...she's our baby, what can i say?}
Zoey watching her new tag getting made! she was interested for about 3.2 seconds
and then just wanted to get down, but i thought it was neat!

trying to get a picture of Zoey with her new cute tag, but she wasn't having it.
she did NOT like it so she decided to be a little punk and hide it from me.

see the girl in the hat? yeah...she walked into Primary Children's (yes, a children's hospital) as a visitor to a patient, dressed like that. she might as well have been in her bikini. oh and she had a
massive tattoo down her side too. seriously? classy.

jazz game. went into OT. ryan was a little drowsy...

this is what daddy and Zoey look like after a long, hot walk. they're bff's.

the pretty sunset sky driving home a couple nights ago from work

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