now that it's warming up, Jae is busy busy working on saturdays. which leaves me and the pup to ourselves. i must admit, having Zoey to hang out with on saturdays when Jae is working is a lot better than last year when i'd hang out on saturdays all by myself. she's (usually) pretty good company :)

the past couple saturday mornings, we've gone with daddy to the dump (have i mentioned how unpleasant the dump is? i guess it is the dump, which should be pretty self-explanatory, but still...) it's our family outing haha. this past saturday, it was so warm and sunny, and i could just tell Zoey was itching for some extra time outside, so we sent dad off to work and we went on a walk.

walking around west bountiful looks very different from walking around our old bountiful neighborhood, even though we're only like 10 minutes away. we see so many interesting things! i just had my phone on me, so the pictures aren't the greatest, but i had to take a couple snaps along the way.

you can't really tell because we were too far away (again - only had my phone) but we passed some horses and chickens and ducks. there was a man out working in the barn area - sweeping and cleaning and such, and the ducks and chickens were making quite a ruckus. it was so loud! Zoey just completely stopped in her tracks and stood there staring for a good 5 minutes. she didn't bark or do anything - her eyes just stayed glued in that direction and she stayed quiet, just listening. it was so funny. i think she would've liked to go play with them!

at one point, the air was completely filled with these lovelies. i hadn't even seen them as we had passed by, but i sure smelled them, and had to go back to take a picture. they were gorgeous!

i think we'll make this walk a weekly saturday tradition. anyone want to join? :)


  1. I was laughing at the dump part! I was "needed" to help Caleb unload all the crap we took to the dump and I barely survived the smell. I had to keep my head in my shirt, I'm sure I looked really special. All these other guys were there dumping contruction material and acted like it wasn't a big deal at all (including Caleb)! Cheers for dump outings.
    Also, your puppy is adorable and your neighborhood looks way fun.

  2. so fun! walks are the best, and i'm sure having little miss zoey makes it even better. i'd love to live in the WB, i love the country feel it has without really being out in the boondocks. and i hope one day to buy the property behind your house and we can be BEST FRIEND NEIGHBORS! :)

  3. yes! random walks like that are the best. I can seriously smell those flowers. love. and Zoey ... too cute!