feeling ungrateful

after going back and reading over my last post about all the (not-so-great) happenings as of late, i've also been reading or hearing story after story about people and families who have been through truly trying and life-changing events. i feel like i'm complaining and stressing about the 'small stuff' when there are so many things to be grateful for and blessings i have that i'm overlooking.
and i'm not feeling so great about that.
it's time for a reality check...for myself.

i feel i need to redeem myself and remind myself how great life is. i don't have any real reasons to not be happy! i have a good job, Jae has a good job with great (flight!) benefits, and a good business that he works so hard at. yes, we both have some health issues that we'll deal with for the rest of our lives, but overall we have good health and good insurance. we both have a vehicle that gets us around. we have food in our kitchen (often thanks to our wonderful families).  we have plenty of clothes and shoes. we have our own house! that's much more than many can say.

we have our sweet (some days more devilish) little Zoey who gives such sweet snuggly kisses every morning. when i'm kissing Jae goodbye, without fail, she sneaks her little puppy face right up between us. i think she gets jealous and wants in on the loves too. she's a stinker who i always catch dragging my shoes out of my closet and pulling under the bed so she can chew on them, but she's so so sweet and i just love her and am so glad she's around to make our house more exciting!

both Jae and i have amazing, fun, supportive families that do so much for us all the time. we have so many friends and family we can rely on and go to if needed. for anything. seriously, they're so awesome and generous. we are surrounded by good, good people.

among the many many other blessings and great things in my life, i have my Jae. lately i feel like we've both been so busy with everything and so exhausted from being so busy, the few minutes we actually get to see eachother and spend time together that when we do, we're both grumpy and stressed (ok maybe me more than Jae) and easily annoyed. and we take it out on eachother. (ok once again - probably more me than Jae). and i hate when it's like that! he's the one person that i want to see at the end of every day, but he's also the one i take for granted. it's weird how that happens. but even in those grumpy, frustrating times, i know how hard he works and how much he cares. i can't imagine life without him. i am one lucky girl.

here's to taking a step back and enjoying all the good things in life. like the sunny 75 degree weather we'll be having this weekend in utah.

{just a few of my favorite times with my favorite people to remind
me how great life is. yes, you may have seen some of these photos before.}


  1. I'm hurt! Not one photo from the Horrocks side. ;)
    I hope this weekend has cheered you up and that things turn around for you. Xo.

  2. its really easy to get into the habit of just thinking about the rough stuff, it can be overwhelming sometimes... thanks for reminding me to think of the good things too! love you cute friend!

  3. Love all these happy photos & especially love your positive attitude! It is inspiring & such a good reminder to us all.

  4. LOVE the pics. Could you get any more gorgeous? uh-no :) Thanks for the uplifting post my friend.