let the good times roll

when you think of barbeques, doesn't it just scream summer to you? it does to me. and i LOVE me some summertime. and bbq's. we had our first really warm (i think it's even safe to say hot) weekend a couple of weekends ago and we took advantage.

we took some chicken, some marinade, some ravioli, sauce, the grill, and wa-bam! delicious sunday evening dinner-for-two outside on the patio. love it.

{jae really is more excited than he looks....}

too bad this weekend doesn't look so promising for a bbq.
but it's a weekend nonetheless!

**happy friday friends**


  1. Yes I LOVE BBQ! How fun to have a little patio with yummy food! XO

  2. BBQ's are the BEST! I agree with Danielle, such a fun patio perfect for BBQ. Your chicken looks delicious!!!
    Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your sweet comments on my blog recently. Love you!

  3. The smell of bbqing & eating outside is maybe one of my most favorite things in this world. Nothing better! So glad Utah is warming up & summer is on its way!

  4. This is seriously making me hungry. Your food looks Yum! Our BBQ just ate the dust :( Boo. Summer is almost here and I can't be without a bbq!