i really like scones.

we got to celebrate our cute nephew River's 4th birthday with a giant chocolate turtle cake! isn't he so cute? it was a good time. and that cake was mighty tasty. we love you River!

as part of River's birthday celebrations (and to celebrate Star Wars day...May the 4th be with you...get it?? May the 4th? yeah it's pretty bad, i know) my family went to good ole chuck-a-rama. i don't care who thinks it's gross, i love me some chuck-a-rama. potatoes, turkey, ham, and hot hot scones? um yes please. oh and don't forget the chocolate milk. yes, i get it every time i go. yu-um.

and to wrap up our cinco de mayo saturday, we had some tacos and a round of volleyball with some friends. if you can't tell, that's Jae in the green hoodie - he just hit the ball over. he's really awesome at volleyball. i sat on the sidelines with Zoey and it was chilly! but a good time.

now i'm craving scones...

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  1. Ah, May the 4th be with you... Oh, Mara. Jord will be jealous about Chuck-a-Rama. He LOVES it there. Sounds like a fun weekend. Happy Monday, xo.