we had a pretty laid back, easy weekend. i'll be honest, i spent a lot of it napping. it was kind of cold and rainy, so we didn't get out too much. which was a complete 180 from last weekend, and we welcomed the quiet.

*grocery shopping with my sister
*Jae's last friday night spent working - i get him back starting this friday!
*sleeping in saturday morning and being super lazy
*making breakfast for Jae and i on our new griddle (tried turkey bacon for the first time - yum!)
*finding shirts on clearance at downeast for $5! yes, please!
*new set of pots and pans (not so much the buying them part, but it's nice to have some pots and pans)
*saturday afternoon snooze fest with Zoey
*spending time with good friends
*sunday afternoon family naptime
*watching Inception (man that movie is c to the razy!)
*dinner with my family
*a visit to Jae's mama

*i get Jae back for friday's, but this was probably the last saturday he'll be home - work work work :(
*Zoey decided to pee on the bedroom floor - i picked her up real quick and took her outside but before i could get her collar/leash on her, she got away from me. i then spent a good 10-15 minutes chasing her around our yard trying to get her before she ran out in the street. man that dog can run fast. she thought we were playing. we were not playing.
*our driveway/garage/back patio filling up like a swimming pool during all the rain friday. it's a big problem.
*dropping the unopened grape juice on the floor just right so that the lid cracked open and sent grape juice splattering everywhere, including all over the fridge. nice.
*our pup, that chews anything and everything in site, found Jae's phone charger that was left hanging down on the floor. we're lucky she wasn't electrocuted.

another monday already? i wish you all luck.

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