a sweet spirit

in sacrament meeting this past sunday, (which last an hour and 25 minutes {!!!}, longest sac. mtg ever, but we won't dwell on that), a few brand new young men (so like, we're talking 12 years old) spoke. and a couple of them really surprised me. but one of them really stood out to me.

he was the first boy to speak, and he talked about how his grandpa had died when he was only 5 years old. he talked about how because he was so young, he didn't have many memories of his grandpa. he said how he was grateful for the Gospel and ability to see his grandpa again someday and get to know him better then. and during all of this, this little 12 year old boy started to cry.

there was no worry about being criticized by his friends or a need for 'being cool' getting in the way of how he was really feeling, and he let his emotions run free. i can't remember another time that a young boy expressed himself like that in front of an entire congregation. after speaking of his grandpa, he continued to share his testimony and love of the Gospel. it really impressed me, and in that moment, i wished i was more like that boy when i was 12. it was so sweet.

i only hope, now that i'm much older (and wiser, i'd like to think) than 12, that i will always have the courage and desire to get up and share my true feelings and be outwardly grateful for the things i care about most in my life. to let myself feel that vulnerable state, and embrace it. it's a special, humbling place. i can't even remember that boys name, but i thank him for that gentle reminder.

sidenote: speaking of church and speaking, guess who got asked to speak?
yep. yours truly and the hubs.
i guess that's what i get for wishing for more of those 'humbling' moments.
pretty much sums up how we feel about speaking..... ;)

JOKES!! we're totally stoked..and no, you cannot come to watch. thanks for asking.


  1. aaaaahhhhhhh Dallin and I are speaking this Sunday too!!!! I'm so dreading it! good luck!!

  2. okay, thats the perfect picture!. i just spoke last week. um literally almost peed my pants on the way up there. but it always leaves me with such a good feeling afterwards! good luck! what a neat young man. i do admire that.

  3. Still laughing from the pic! love this post. I feel like a lot of the younger kids in our ward seem really strong like that too. Sheesh, some kids these days... keeping us "old fogies" in line :)

  4. Mmm, Nielsen's :). Oh, and good luck speaking!! You'll do awesome.