our house: {finished} wood floors & bathrooms

dining room & into the living room

middle bedroom, looking down the hall into the first bedroom

half bath. i LOVE this tiny sink/vanity. it actually makes this space seem roomier somehow.

full bath - custom vanity drawers/doors will be done & installed this weekend.
the sink & faucet turned out awesome.

our floors actually turned out quite nice for how horrible of shape they were in. thank goodness. we love them. and our bathrooms are really coming together too! although that dang half bath toilet is still giving us grief...a brand new toilet, installed by a plumber and everything...nothing but grief. grr. but i'm choosing not to stress about it too much because that's how it goes and honestly i don't care. we have another (so far) perfectly functioning toilet, so all is well. we will be starting the moving in process this weekend...which means happiness for us!!
can i get a wahoo???!


  1. Yay!! So excited for you two, it's all paying off. Call us for help moving stuff.