birthday gala{s}

Jae and i celebrated our birthdays this past week - Jae's being on tuesday (the 21st) and mine on wednesday (the 22nd). it's nice that president's day falls on the 20th so we usually get that day off to get the celebrating started! although this year we've spent any and all extra money on our house, we still had an enjoyable birthday week sans presents for/from eachother. (although Jae cheated a bit, as you'll see later in a picture).

both of us got off work by about noon on both tuesday and wednesday so we got to spend the rest of the days together. the celebrations included sushi, naps, {way too many} desserts, party with family, food, more food, two hours at the tile store, a job interview for Jae, orange leaf, working at our house, more incredibly high-calorie, high-carb foods, a leaky toilet, time with friends, and then some more food. it seemed to be a food-themed birthday. needlesstosay, i feel like i gained multiple pounds over the last week. and it was a good time. here are some of the highlights from the week.

our favorite special treat - strawberry chocolate chip concretes from nielsen's

my wonderful work friends went above & beyond - cinnamon roll cake, my fav yogurts, m&m's, & a giftcard to our favorite store as of late..home depot.

Jae enjoying his free birthday dessert at Mikado

blowing out our candles at our party with my family

all of our loot - i told you there was a definite food theme (and i got my hair played with the whole time we opened presents by miss Hana. it was a nice added present :) )

frozen yogurt at orange leaf with Jord & Chels (Jordan & Jae share a birthday so we were celebrating both of them). aren't they such a good looking couple? it just makes you sick, right? yeah me too.

friend dinner with mary & stacia (and a sleepy Jade)

Jae surprised me with these lovelies on my birthday. he's a keeper.

here's to another fantastic year with my Jae!

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